Egypt Visas and Passports‏‏
Egypt Visas and Passports‏‏

Like every other nation on the globe, Egypt has visa requirements for all foreign travelers. All non-Egyptians entering the country are required to have a valid passport; additionally they will be required to have a visa.
Many tourists enter the country through traditional commercial airports, and a great majority of these tourists can obtain an ordinary tourist visa upon arrival. Tourist visas allow a visitor to stay up to three months in the country, and are not restricted when used to visit the Red Sea resort areas of Taba and Sharm-el-Sheik.
It is important for anyone planning a trip to the country to check the Egypt visa requirements in regards to their citizenship. For example, residents of the African country of Morocco will be required to have a pre-arrival visa, which must be applied for through an Egyptian consulate or embassy outside of Egypt.
Citizens of the United States and the EU will be able to fill out the required paperwork for their visa in the airplane in which they will arrive in the country.

Entry Visas
  • In addition to “tourist” visas, there are two other types of permits, the “Entry” or “Transit” visa. An entry visa is for a non-Egyptian visiting the country for a purpose other than tourism. For example, a business profession or a student, or a person studying the ancient ruins would require an entry visa.

  • Additionally, those staying in the country longer than three months will need to complete some sort of residence procedure while in Egypt. Additionally, those with residence permits are allowed to leave the country and return without additional paperwork as long as the residence permit is still valid.

  • Entry visas can be obtained from the Entry Visa Department at the country’s Travel Documents, Immigration and Nationality Administration or at the diplomatic or consular missions belonging to Egypt in other countries.

Transit Visas
  • Transit visas are required of those passing through the country, such as those who will be taking connecting flights to other locations outside of Egypt. This documentation will be required of anyone passing through the country.

Visa Exemption
  • There is one area of the country that is exempt from Egypt visa requirements, and that is the tourist area of Taba and Sharm el Sheikh.
  • Visitors who enter the country at the border airport are exempted from visa requirements and allowed fourteen days on the Aqaba coast. However anyone who intends to participate in the snorkeling and scuba diving which popular along the coastline of this area will be required to get a visa, and must remember that coast patrols are allowed to check the visas on every boat passenger.